Thanks for visiting my website.  I have an insatiable curiousity about other countries and cultures, so mainly write about travel.  I do  write about other things too - see list here. I am published in a rainbow of titles including the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, CNN, Daily Express, BBC magazines, The Scotsman, women's magazines and a few travel trade magazines including Group Leisure, Selling Travel & Cruise Trade News. I write for a clutch of inflight magazines / specialist titles too.


I have had 11 books published, available from relevant publishers and bookshops including WH SMith, Waterstones, Foyles etc.  Books include:  The A-Z of Curious London,  The Little Book of Meditations,  What the British Invented: From the Brilliant to the Downright Bonkers, Paranormal London,  Affirmations for Every Day and The World's Greatest Castles and Palaces. If you read and enjoy any of them, please let me know!  You can Email me here.

My books have been featured and reviewed in papers and magazines including the Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Scottish Daily Record, Sunday Mail, the Sunday Post, the Londonist, The Good Book Guide, The People's Friend, Choice Magazine and My Weekly.


Some reader revews: 

fresh revelations ..narrative storytelling style... much more readable than the usual fact-packed miscellany' ...  'Gilly has done an excellent job of finding odd, unusual facts instead of run-of-the mill touristy information'   '.... ''fascinating read which added greatly to my knowledge of unusual London '...although not fictional, Gilly endows her books with a quality seen in most novels; curiousity and suspense   '.....  By the book’s nature, we lose chronology and the past feels it is rubbing up against the present ..... 'a hugely interesting read from start to finish'...... 'full of humour, interest and information'